About Us

About AVES Marine:

AVES Marine is a UK based Ltd company registered in England with an administrative office in Kent and a distribution centre in Scotland where all goods are held and dispatched and all technical and warranty work is carried out. AVES Marine has been an Onwa specialist since 2014 when we were the first officially approved importer of Onwa Marine products into the UK.  Now that the brand has become popular there other sellers of Onwa products but we remain the only specialist seller and probably have a greater knowledge of the product than any other company or individual in the UK.  With this back-ground and full access to the manufacturer for support, spares and technical back-up, AVES Marine is your best choice as your Onwa supplier. We specialise in Onwa and we do not sell any other make as we think for reliability, manufacturer support and the price, there isn’t any other make to match them.


About Onwa:

Onwa is a well known name in Asia as an innovative company manufacturing highly functional marine electronics at a sensible price. Although relatively new to the UK there is a growing presence in Europe with approved dealers in several countries. All Onwa products are CE certified to European Union standards and are fully compliant with the appropriate  legislation for use in EU waters (certification is available on request).