KM Series chart plotters (New Models)

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An add free version of a review by an AVES Marine customer Roger Gaspar, author of best selling Crossing the Thames Estuary, about his KM12X, posted to You Tube. In this review Roger describes the functions of the KM12X in great detail – a must watch video for anyone interested in a new KM model.

KM 12X functions explained



Latest NEW model range



           A brand-new range of multi-function chart plotters from Onwa Marine.

Comprising 8 and 12 inch models in a choice of versions:

  • KM – 8 and 12         Multifunction chart plotter
  • KM – 8A and 12A   With Class B+ SOTDMA AIS transceiver
  • KM – 8C and 12C   With Fish Finder/Sounder
  • KM – 8X and 12X   With both AIS and Fish Finder/Sounder

Each of the four versions is ready to connect to a plug and play Onwa radar set as each one has the technology and wizardry already installed. This provides all the controls needed for the radar antenna, plus a dedicated conventional radar screen and the ability to overlay the radar trace onto the chart screen  – brilliant to use to identify those wisps of radar trace to something shown on the chart.

In addition, Onwa have built into the model range the ability to upgrade the functionalities of the KM, KM-A and KM-C to the other versions at a later date (not KM-X, as it already has all functions built in); Onwa call them “Expandable Features”.

For example, someone who buys a KM-8 or KM-12 can add a plug and play AIS transceiver or/and a sounder as every KM plotter model already has the dedicated screen (AIS, sounder and radar) built in– it just needs some external hardware to provide the data.



Some other properties of this new model range:

New 1024 x 768 high resolution display

NMEA2000 data and, of course, the old faithful NMEA0183. In addition, Onwa are the first manufacturer to have commenced using the new NMEA OneNet® data system by building the functionality into their KM plotters. NMEA OneNet data transfer system is an IP based network up to 40,000 times faster than NMEA2000 that is likely to be the future of data transfer for marine navigation hardware.



OneNet, click the image to learn more


HDMI video (option, specify when ordering) – possible use might be: plotter at the helm can send to an HD large screen display at the chart table. A particularly useful tool if used in a teaching environment where pupils will be able to gather around the large screen for instruction on navigation, understanding radar screen etc.



Expandable Features:













Add Radar









Links to product pages – click on a model number to go to product page

        KM8 and 12 Multifunction chart plotters

    KM – 8                            KM-12                                    


   KM8A and KM-12A with built-in Class B+ AIS 

    KM – 8A                            KM-12A


 KM8C and KM-12C with built-in 600/1000 Watt Sounder 

  KM – 8C                            KM-12C


 KM-8X and KM12X top of the range plotters with built-in AIS Class B+ and 600/1000 Watt sounder

    KM – 8X                            KM-12X














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