Chart Plotters with AIS.

Possibly the most effective addition to safety at sea for small boats – the ability to see and even be seen by other vessels even in zero visibility.

AIS, what’s that? – click me to find out

All Onwa Marine chart plotters with AIS have the latest Class B+ AIS transmitters with five Watts output. This is over twice the power of the old Class B system and uses SOTDMA technology (same as Class A) which provides for almost instant access to transmission slots. Another Plus for SOTDMA is that the refresh speed is much faster which is good news for all users but particularly so for users of high speed craft.

Every device containg an AIS transmitter that we sell is checked for transmission power during its commissioning procedure using an RF test set specifically tuned to the AIS frequencies at 162 MHz for assessing and testing AIS transmitters. The result of the test is documented on the AIS set-up report that we send out with every unit showing the transmit power in both dBm and Watts.

All Onwa AIS products that we sell have been subject to vigorous testing in an E.U approved Test House to ensure compliance with E.U and U.K rules; this is particularly relevant for R.F transmitting equipment and the use of transmitters without this would be illegal in UK and EU waters. Certification is available on request.

The AIS transmitter must have essential information about your boat embedded into it as this information is transmitted to other vessels. Your essential boat details (MMSI number etc) will be set into your chart plotter by AVES Marine as a free service.

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