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Equipping your vessel with a high-quality marine radar is absolutely essential to safe and effective navigation of the seas. Here at Aves Marine, we pride ourselves in being the leading specialist seller of ONWA radar products in the UK, meaning we stock the best range of marine radars that cater for leisure, professional, and commercial sailors alike.

Our selection of ONWA marine radars offer a range of features and functions to best suit your navigational needs. Within our product range, we stock devices with LCD screen display sizes varying from 10 to 19”, as well as AIS display, target tracking and ranges of up to 64 nm. Depending on your chosen model, our marine radars system can be updated via USB or SD card, and accompanying chartplotters can be connected by Wi-Fi or network cable.

Antenna options for our marine radars include the KRA Radome and Open Array in a variety of sizes depending on your vessel.

For those looking for a complete option, our ONWA radar package provides a multifunction option that includes a fish finder and AIS transceiver as well as further upgrades.

Please note that all of our prices include VAT @20%, so you can be rest assured that there are no hidden surprises or extra costs. For any items without a list price, please contact us for the latest cost. We also export product VAT free to Europe and other destinations.

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If you need more information on our marine radar products or require assistance when it comes to selecting the right marine electronics for your vessel, the AVES Marine team are on hand as your experts on all things ONWA.

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