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Onwa radar sets have been designed with the professional user in mind and feature specifications that exceed those of standard leisure radar sets. Onwa radar uses X-band technology designed for professional users and built to standards demanded by those users. With horizontal beam widths of just 4 degrees for the 60 cm Radome and as little as 1.9 and 1.2 degrees for the 1.2 and 1.8 metre open array antennas they provide a radar trace with excellent resolution that can be viewed as a conventional radar screen or overlaid onto the chart.

ONWA marine radars offer a range of features and functions to provide the user with the security of safe navigation in all conditions. Within the product range, there are devices with LCD screen display sizes varying from 10 to 19”and ranges up to 64 nm. Antennas are available as 50 and 60cm Radome and Open Arrays of 120cm, 180cm. For those looking for a complete option, our ONWA radar package provides a 50 cm Radome (cable or wi-fi connected) coupled with an 8″ or  12” multifunction chart plotter/controller.

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