50 amp FET switch

Used in Onwa autopilot systems to drive a reversing pump or motor that has a single supply connection and needs both + and – signals sent to the same input connection. Can also be used to switch very heavy current, up to 50 amps @12 volts (100 @24volts). Uses solid state power Field Effect Transitors without any contacts to burn.



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This device is often used with a KAP 866 Auto Pilot to drive a reversing motor or pump that requires a single input connection that swings both positive and negative. KAP866 has two positive outputs, 1 output driving the rudder left and the other to the right. This solid state device will convert the two positive inputs from the KAP866 Pilot to one supply that wiched both positive or negative output depending upon which input drive from the Pilot is active at the time. Apart from its often use as a motor or hydraulic switch this device can be used wherever a relay might otherwise be used for switching loads up to 50 amps @12 volts.

Use with ONWA KAP-866 autopilot


Connection with ONWA autopilot KAP-866
1. Connect LSD-50P50FID2 with KAP-866 and reversing motor as shown in above figure.
2. Set to “1. COMMON POSITIVE SOLENOID” in the installation menu of KAP-866

How it works:

There are two positive* outputs from the KAP866 Auto Pilot. Let’s say that the output from the Pilot, when a command to turn the rudder to port is sent, is Channel  A and starboard rudder commands are Channel B. When a positive is received on Channel A the switch will operate in a way that one positive and one negative will appear across connections 2 and 4 of the switch and will spin the motor or pump in one direction and so turn the rudder to Port via the steering machaism. When a positive is received on Channel B the switch will reverse the + and – on pins 2 and 4 and the motor or pump will spin in the reverse direction thus turning the rudder to starboard. This very simplistic explanation is how the KAP866 controls the rudder.

*can be negative outputs – can be changed in the Pilot set-up.

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1 in stock (can be backordered)

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