AIS Class B+ SO-TDMA ‘Black Box’

Class B+ SO-TDMA AIS ‘Black Boxes’

Perfect for use as a stand alone transmitter to send your AIS details out to all AIS equipped vessels within range.  Can easily be linked by the data cable provided to an existing any make plotter so that all AIS vessels in range can be overlaid onto the chart page of your plotter. If you have an Onwa non-AIS plotter, this already has an AIS ‘radar’ page built in together with CPA* and TCPA* alarms that can be user set – this is a very valuable safety feature.

There are two versions
KS200A, this is the box of tricks that receives AIS transmissions for other vessels giving you their COG, SOG and position. At the same time it will be sending your same information to all other AIS equipped boats within range.

KS200A SART, this is the same device but with the addition of a button on the unit that when pressed will send out a distress message to all AIS vessels within range.

*CPA = closest point of approach

*TCPA = time to closes point of approach


AIS SO-TDMA 'Black Boxes'

Class B+ SO-TDMA AIS ‘Black Boxes’ built for the UK market comply to E.U CE legislation and have Radio Equipment Directive certification (RED), this is available on request. Note that KS200A devices available on the internet that are built for use outside of the E.U may not conform.


KS200A, Class B+ SO-TDMA AIS transceiver

KS200A, Class B+ SO-TDMA AIS transceiver with SART function



AIS vessels 2


AIS targets overlaid onto chart






AIS ‘radar screen with alarm active


Click for link to AIS programming software

Programming the KS200A with a vessel’s AIS details:

AIS details (MMSI etc) must be set into the KS200A but a change of vessel doesn’t mean a costly return to the manufacturer or an agent to accomplish as this can be changed at any time by the user (not permitted in USA).

Setting up the KS200A with your vessels’ AIS details (MMSI, name etc) is a simple process using free software provided by Onwa, however, some slight technical knowledge and an NMEA/Serial to USB interface is required. We do this for you at no cost before dispatch. Should you ever change your boat – no problem, just return the 200A and we will amend your boat details to match the new boat. No cost apart from return postage.