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Onwa KP-1299X

Chart plotter with AIS + sounder + radar facility


2 in stock (can be backordered)

This is Onwa's flagship plotter product - it has everything built in.

Unboxing 1299X  click to see video
Multi-function chart plotter
Class B+ AIS transceiver, 5 Watts power; certified for use in UK and EU waters; certification available on request  (Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU RED)
Fish Finder/Sounder (up to 1kW output)
Can use Onwa KR-1007 Radar – just connect the Radome and the plotter will control all Radar functions

Large easy to see sunlight viewable 12.1 inch low reflectivity screen

IP66 water protection

Shipped with K-chart3 UK & Ireland. Can use C-Map or Navionics charts.

Multi-function screens:

GPS screen, AIS ‘Radar’, Chart/Sounder split, Chart/Radar split,  Radar overlay onto chart, AIS overlay onto chart, Wind, Highway, Cross Track, Satellite, Tidal Curves, Celestial

Class B+ SOTDMA AIS transceiver (5 watt)

12000 waypoints, 30 routes

Operating voltage: 10 to 30 volts DC

Sounder/fish finder – can use a variety of transducers up to 1kWatt and is shipped as standard with a 600 watt plastic version. Upgrades to bronze and 1kW version transducers – note that the 1kWatt version is expensive and is intended for professional fishing industry use; for most of us the supplied 600 Watt transducer is perfectly adequate.

Can display and control an Onwa 36 nm Radome either by cable or by wi-fi. All the radar control is already pre-programmed into the 1299X – just connect the Radome – it’s plug and play.

Available with HDMI video out – perfect if the plotter is to be used in a teaching environment or for sending to a second screen at the chart table (optional extra at £50.00)

Various transducers suitable for this model.

Link to product

Plastic 600 Watt dual frequency 50/200 transducer with temperature


Link to product

1000 Watt professional type bronze transducer with temperature sensor for KP1299X


Link to product

Transom type transducer 600 watt dual frequency 50/200


Link to product

Bronze 600 Watt dual frequency 50/200,  transducer with temperature

GC-9A Heading Sensor


Optional heading sensor KA-GC9, click on the image for more information on the KA-GC9







A KP-1299X installed on a customer’s boat



2 in stock (can be backordered)

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