KCR-160 compass display

Onwa Digital compass displayThis 20cm x 20cm easy to see compass display shows heading as a digital read out, The light intensity of the display can be dimmed to almost extinguished for the darkest night voyage.




  • Total solution marine electronic compass
  • 4 Digit LED Heading Display readout
  • Analog heading indication by a rotating LED light.
  • Accuracy up to +/-0.1 degree
  • Provides 2 NMEA0183 heading outputs
  • Electrical interface of output ports supports RS232, RS422 and RS485
  • Wide range power supply 9V~32VDC
  • Reverse power polarity protection
  • IP66
  • Easy installation

Used together with a KA-GC9A Heading Sensor this display will give an easy to read four digit digital display together with an analogue rotating LED light giving an instant heading readout in all light conditions.






KCR-160 night view


Total darkness with display brilliance up/down setting turned almost off (display brightness is realistic in this shot taken in complete darkness & could be very much higher)



KCR-160 with dimensions



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