Colour digital fish finder with 7″ TFT LCD display and illuminated keyboard


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Digital Sounding Technology

  • Eliminates all noise and interference
  • Excellent sea bed discrimination

Sonar sound

Allows the user to determine when there is a fish or school of fishes beneath your boat and also determine the size by alarming a sound

Fish Marks

Calculates and displays the size of the fish and school of fishes automatically

Seabed Hardness Display

  • Detects the hardeness of the sea floor: mud, sand, gravel or rocks
  • Identify new fishing grounds or examine existing fishing grounds
  • Maximise catch without risking your gear and your crew


  • Fishery
  • Leisure

Standard Accessories

  • Bronze or plastic transducer
  • Standard installation materials


Optional Accessories

  • Water temperature sensor
  • KTS-10K (transform mount)
  • KTS-10K (thru-hull)

Tech Spec

  • Display
    7" TFT LCD
  • Frequency
    Dual (50 kHz and 200 kHz alternately transmitted)
  • Power
    600W transceiver


Out of stock