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This is a brand new product from Onwa Marine.

Featuring the very latest NMEA OneNet, an IP based network data transfer system – it is the future for data transfer. Read about OneNet in our blog. (click button) OneNet, what’s that?

KM-Multi 12A

Latest top of the range 12 inch model with Class B+ AIS built in from Onwa Marine. With a fantastic new 1024 x 768 resolution screen and NMEA2000 data. The KM-12A and its 8 inch sibling, KM-8A, are Onwa’s flagship chart plotter products. These high end plotters come with the new more powerful Class B+ version that transmits at 5 Watts – over twice that of the old Class B version and uses SOTDMA technology, the same as Class A systems. An Onwa 1000 Watt Sounder and an Onwa Radar can be added at any time. It’s plug and play to do – all the controls for the sounder and radar antenna with dedicated screens are already built into the KM-plotter.

A new feature to Onwa plotters is the move to NMEA2000 as a data transfer method whilst still  retaining NMEA0183 functionality so as to be compatible with other 0183 equipment. Not content to move just from NMEA0183 to embrace NMEA2000 , the Onwa design team have gone another step forward and introduced the latest NMEA networking protocol, NMEA OneNet as well.

Some additional notable features:

1024 x 768 display

NMEA 2000 and 0183 Plus the latest NMEA ONENET

Built-in Radar function (requires Radar antenna) KM displays a dedicated conventional Radar screen and also as the radar trace overlaid onto the chart.


HDMI option (specify when ordering)

Can use K-charts 2 & 3.2, C-Map Max and Navionics +

SD card system updates

Can display gauges (engine etc), camer


Click the button below for a comprehensive guide to the KM models by Roger Gaspar, a customer of AVES Marine and well-known author of Crossing the Thames Estuary. Roger’s review deals specifically with the KM12X but the operation applies to any KM model.

Instructional video on the KM




KM8/12 dimensions



2 in stock (can be backordered)

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