NEW KM12X with Class B+ AIS and Sounder (includes transducer)

Includes 600 Watt dual frequency transducer (1000 Watt also available)

Original price was: £1,397.00.Current price is: £1,239.00.

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Latest KM series 12 ” chart plotter with 24-month warranty.

Click the KM12X demonstration links below to learn all you need to know about the Km12X. The videos are by Roger Gaspar, well known author of Crossing the Thames Estuary, a must have read for anyone sailing the Estuary. Roger is an expert as you will realise whilst watching the videos. Roger demonstrates his own KM12X in a practical ‘how to do it’ way that makes for an easy watch.

KM12X: Connectivity and functions


If OneNet is news to you, you can learn more by clicking the link to our Blog OneNet, what’s that?

KM-Multi 12X

Latest top of the range 12 inch model from Onwa Marine. What a move forward this new model is – with a fantastic new 1024 x 768 resolution screen and NMEA2000 data. The KM-12X and its 8 inch sibling, KM-8X, are Onwa’s flagship chart plotter products. These high end plotters come with a built in Class B+ AIS transceiver and a 600/1000 Watt sounder/fish-finder. The AIS unit installed is the new more powerful Class B+ version that transmits at 5 Watts – over twice that of the old Class B version and uses SOTDMA technology, the same as Class A systems. With so much in one package, is is possible there could be even more? Well yes there is, as an Onwa Radar can be added at any time. It’s plug and play to do – just install the radar transmitter hardware and plug a network cable from the radar antenna into the plotter and -job done! All the controls for the radar antenna and the dedicated radar screens are already built into the KM-plotter. Once the radar signal is present, the KM-plotter becomes a fully fledged radar set with the choice of a conventional radar screen or have the radar trace overlaid onto the chart. Overlaid makes sense of all those mysterious wisps of radar trace when they are overlaid onto the chart itself.

A new feature to Onwa plotters is the move to NMEA2000 as a data transfer method whilst still  retaining NMEA0183 functionality so as to be compatible with other 0183 equipment. Not content to move just from NMEA0183 to embrace NMEA2000 , the Onwa design team have gone another step forward and introduced the latest NMEA networking protocol, NMEA OneNet as well.

Some additional notable features:

Class B+ SOTDMA AIS transceiver (5 Watts)
1000 Watt sounder/Fish Finder
1024 x 768 display
NMEA 2000 and 0183 Plus the latest NMEA ONENET
Built-in Radar function (requires Radar antenna) KM displays a dedicated conventional Radar screen and also as the radar trace overlaid onto the chart. All radar functions controllable from the KM.
IPX6 water protection
HDMI option (specify when ordering)
Can use K-charts 2 & 3, C-Map Max and Navionics +
SD card system updates
Can display gauges (engine etc.)
600 Watt (dual frequency) or 1000 Watt (choice of frequencies)

Our KM-12X price includes plastic 600 watt dual frequency transducer: bronze version is available. 1000 Watt bronze transducer can be ordered as an option at additional cost.

For 600 Watt dual frequency bronze transducer   £79.00
For 1000 Watt dual frequency bronze transducer £390.00



KM8/12 dimensions


Original price was: £1,397.00.Current price is: £1,239.00.

2 in stock (can be backordered)

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