NMEA2000 backbone – Install kit

Easy fit kit to install an NMEA2000 backbone on your vessel.


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This kit comprises the essential items you need to install a powered NMEA2000 system – ideal for older boats and boats without any data system installed. With this kit you will be able to send and receive data anywhere on your boat via NMEA2000. Add a KC-2W bi-directionsl converter and you will have a sophisticated system that is both NMEA2000/NMEA0183 and also wi-fi. For those with NMEA0183 equipment and want to add NMEA2000 devices this arrangement will be ideal and with the wi-fi system module that is included with the KC2W converter unit data can be sent to PC/Tablet and phones by way of wi-fi.

Wi-Fi example – send AIS to a phone,tablet or PC running Open CPN or Navionics/C-map download and see AIS targets overlaid onto the chart.

What’s in the kit?

NMEA 2000 install kit








1 x 15 foot extension cable terminated with 1 x male and 1 x female NMEA connector

1 x 7 foot extension cable terminated with 1 x male and 1 x female NMEA connector

1 x 7 foot power cable, male NMEA connector at system end and +/- power connectors protected by an in-line 3 amp automobile type fuse

2 x T connectors (2 x female inputs, 1 x male)

2 x Terminating resistors  (1 male, 1 female)

With this easily installed kit you will be able to add any NMEA2000 item to your system for plug and play operation.

Will I need anything else?

Probably not as any N2K items that you buy will likely have a connecting cable in the box that will be plug and play connectable to your new install. However should you want to expand the system:

Expansion items available……..


T connector







Male and female terminating resistors – needed to close any open end of your N2K system (an open end will cause data loss/corruption).








Easy fit male/female line connectors for N2K cable









The ultimate NMEA2000/NMEA0183 system

Add an Onwa NMEA2000 to NMEA0183 bi-directional converter with wi-fi. have your N2K and 0183 devices talking to each other over your boat network. With the added benefit of the built in wi-fi you can even include PCs, tablets and phones.



5 in stock

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