Onwa KES-700

Navigation echo sounder with memory storage and recall of depth data. This is a professional product with features that only professional users will need. It has a dual frequency 1000 watt transmitter as standard.

This is a special order item, delivery in around ten days.

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New extended warranty Рnow 24 months. This is a jointly covered by both AVES Marine Ltd and the manufacturer Onwa Marine HK

Data Recall

  • Memory storage and recall of depth data that lasts for 24 hours
  • Log book mode shows times, depth and own ship position in tabular form in a pop up window
  • 15 minute depth data history can be viewed at any range scale


  • NMEA0183 interface for radar, VCR, ECDIS and other navigational equipment


  • Fishery
  • Commercial



Tech Spec

  • Display
    10.4" TFT LCD Display
  • Frequency
    50 kHz or 200 kHz
  • Transmitter
  • Minimum depth detection
    1.5 m (200kHz) and 2.0 m (50kHz)