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Onwa KP-1299A latest Version.3

12.1″ GPS chart plotter with Class B+ SOTDMA AIS transceiver 5 Watts transmit power

Ability to add other functions:

1 kW sounder



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More details:

This is the latest version of Onwa’s top of the range 12 inch chart plotters. This model has improved hardware, is faster, has a brighter screen and, for a large size chart plotter ,it is a very good price. Being economic doesn’t mean it is low on functionality – far from it. Apart from its brilliant 12 inch chart screen displaying your choice of chart – either Onwa’s own FREE UK and Ireland chart, Navionics or C- map, it has multi screen functionality including:

Compass, Highway screen, GPS screen, Satellite information screen, Cross Track Error screen, AIS ‘Radar’ screen, Wind screen which shows True and Apparent wind speed and angle (requires an external NMEA0183 anemometer), Sounder screen (requires an external ‘Black Box’ KM-Sounder).

The chart screen will show AIS transmissions from other vessels overlaid onto the chart together with other vessel’s essential information (Name, MMSI, COG, SOG and Exact Position) and the 1299’s internal computer will calculate if any other vessel is set on a collision course with your own boat, alerting you in good time and distance (user configurable).  If a Radar is added, the Radar trace is also overlaid onto the chart – this is an incredibly useful feature as the radar traces, when associated with objects on the chart, become meaningfully obvious as to what they represent.


Can add at a later date:

  • Sounder/fish-finder
  • Radar functions are already built in – you just add an antenna


  • Leisure
  • Commercial
  • Passenger
  • Fishery

Supports Multiple Mapping Systems

  • C-Map Max compatible
  • K-Chart mapping system by Onwa
  • Navionics+

Different Display Modes

  • Chart screen shows other vessels overlaid onto the chart
  • Various display modes apart from the essential chart screen include: GPS, navigation data, compass, AIS radar display, highway, satellite, wind screen showing True and Apparent wind speeds and angles, Tidal Curves and Celestial information and even sounder screen if you should add an external sounder 1 kW Black Box at a later date.

Radar Function

  • For KP-1299.3 series only, available for new units with new hardware only
  • Built in radar function for your GPS plotter (radar antenna needed to use the function)
  • Split screen of plotter and radar for ease of usage
  • Radar overlay onto the chart in plotter screen

Standard Accessories

  • Standard installation materials
  • GPS Antenna (KA-07)

Antenna Options

  • ONWA 4kW radome antenna (KRA-1007) 36nm
  • ONWA 6kW open array antenna (KRA-4001) 64nm


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