7" (4x3 aspect ratio) plotter with built in dual frequency 600 watt (max) sounder

Brand new K-Combo chart plotter with 600 watt sounder/Fish-Finder 

This new and unsold K-combo model was packed and stored inadvertently whilst making our preparations to move from Kent to Scotland  in 2020. Just discovered in storage – this is one of the last of the K-combo models that was produced with a true internal GPS aerial as well as being able to receive GPS via an external aerial using a conventional BNC fitting. This is a better version of the K-combo which Onwa sadly decided to discontinue after the cheaper Puck type aerials became available. We have unknowingly had this item in storage for almost all of 2020 but it is unsold and unused and has an 18 month warranty which covers all parts and labour.

  • 18 Months parts/labour warranty
  • UK (or EU) free Onwa charts, both K-chart2 and the later K-chart 3 will be installed in the plotter’s memory.
  • Sun Cover
  • Swivel and tilt mount
  • Internal GPS aerial + latest Puck type GPS aerial with 3 metres cable (can be extended by 5 metres without loss of signal.

Optional Accessories:

Please call or send message if you need any of these.

Transom or Thru-hull dual frequency transducers

Please note that these transducers are the T version and have a temperature sensor addition with a six pin connector plug to match this K-combo.

Shows thru-hull type plastic transducer

600 watt dual frequency thru-hull transducer (for metal and GRP hulls) £99.00








Shows example of transom version transducer

600 watt dual frequency transom mount transducer, £99.00









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bronze version of the plastic transducer above, usual price on this 600 watt transducer with temperature sensor is £168, with this K-combo price is 139.00








KA-07 External GPS aerial with 10m cable and adaptor for SMA socket. (generally not needed unless the plotter is installed below in a metal boat) £39.00 with surface mount base.








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