Onwa KCOMBO-7A sounder and AIS built in

7 inch chart plotter with Class B+ SOTDMA AIS transceiver and 600 Watt sounder/fish finder




Multi-function Chart Plotter with built in Class B+ 5 Watt AIS transceiver and 600 Watt Sounder/fish finder. Comes with an external GPS aerial. Transducer is an option – it is not supplied in the box.

Choice of 600 Watt dual frequency transducers: Thru hull orĀ  Transom

  • 7 inch multi-function chart plotter
  • 600 watt Sounder/Fish finder built in
  • Class B+ SO-TDMA AIS transceiver built in
  • Low reflectivity sunlight viewable screen
  • External KA-07 GPS aerial with 10 metres cable
  • Comes with K-chart 3.2 for UK and Ireland – can use C-map and Navionics charts
  • 24 month warranty

Class B+ Technology

  • SOTDMA technology – same technology as used by class A and guaranteed time slot allocation
  • 5 W transmission power – increases the range and AIS satellite reception enabling global tracking
  • Range – can be seen as far as 10 – 12 nm
  • Increased transmission rate (based on speed)

AIS Features

  • Transmits and receives AIS messages and data from your vessel to class A, class B, AIS base station, AIS bouy (AtoN), AIS SART
  • Onwa Marine AIS encrypted technology
  • CPA and TCPA adjustable alarms
  • Pop up alarm when AIS rescue alarm (AIS SART or AIS MOB) is received

AIS Tracking Functions

  • Clear overlay of AIS targets on the mapping system (plotter screen mode)
  • AIS target information is shown when the cursor is placed on an AIS target
  • Optional selection of displaying the name of all AIS targets in real time

AIS Messaging

  • Can send and receive composed messages between ONWA AIS plotters
  • Messages can be broadcasted or can be sent to a specific MMSI no.
  • Message history and number of unread messages can be viewed when a contact is selected
  • Pop up box for incoming message alert


  • Track fishing boats and small commercial vessels with AIS class B type transeivers across the globe
  • Can send standard AIS message and exactTrax message
  • ONWO AIS can connect other sensors to the AIS module such as ultrosonic weather sensor and speed log, to send with exactTrax message
  • In order to use exactTrax, user must avail ExactEarth service

Air Track Recording

  • Ability to record tracks of AIS targets – auto and manual AIS saved tracks
  • Recorded tracks are useful when checking the records during an accident
  • Recorded AIS tracks can be reviewed and displayed in the plotter screen


Choice of transducers – either transom mount or thru-hull

Link to product

Link to product


Bronze version thru-hull available as an upgrade




Stubbie 24′” (including staineless bracket), flexible AIS aerial. Why Flexible? AIS aerials are usually mounted low down where they can be easily damaged deploying ropes and crew leaning over them. These aerials won’t get bent or broken in the process..




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