Onwa KCOMBO-7A: 7 inch with Class B+ AIS and built in sounder



7 inch chart plotter with Class B+ SOTDMA AIS transceiver and 600 Watt sounder/fish finder (600W transducer is an optional extra)




Multi-function Chart Plotter with built in Class B+ 5 Watt AIS transceiver and 600 Watt Sounder/fish finder. 

 Transducer is an option – it is not supplied in the box.

Choice of 600 Watt dual frequency transducers: Thru hull or  Transom

  • 7 inch multi-function chart plotter
  • 600 watt Sounder/Fish finder built in
  • Class B+ SO-TDMA AIS transceiver built in
  • Low reflectivity sunlight viewable screen
  • External KA-07 GPS aerial with 10 metres cable
  • Comes with K-chart 3.2 for UK and Ireland – can use C-map and Navionics charts
  • 24 month warranty

Class B+ Technology

Why choose Class B+ ?

SOTDMA technology – same technology used by class A with guaranteed time slot allocation. Class B has to wait for a transmission space to be allocated. Class A is always prioritised and where commercial vessels are operating (just where you need AIS) waits may be excessively long.

5 W transmission power. Assuming an efficient AIS aerial system Class B can transmit further, 8 to 12 miles, for Class B this is likely to be 4 to 6 miles. – reception for both systems is the same 16 miles+, however, depends upon aerial system and installation height. 

Increased transmission rate.  Faster refresh rates which increase with speed – better for all craft and essential for high speed craft. Example: high speed craft at 23+ knotts refreshes every 5 seconds, Class B = every 30 seconds + wait time for a transmission slot.

AIS Features

  • Transmits and receives AIS messages and data from your vessel to Class A, Class B, AIS base station. also receives from , AIS buoy (AtoN), AIS SART/MOB device
  • CPA and TCPA adjustable alarms
  • Alarm alert when warning of potential collision situation or AIS rescue alarm (AIS SART or AIS MOB) is received

AIS Tracking Functions

  • Clear overlay of AIS targets on the mapping system (plotter screen mode)
  • AIS target information is shown when the cursor is placed on an AIS target
  • Optional selection of displaying the name of all AIS targets in real time

AIS Messaging

  • Can send and receive composed messages between ONWA AIS plotters
  • Messages can be broadcasted or can be sent to a specific MMSI no.
  • Message history and number of unread messages can be viewed when a contact is selected
  • Pop up box for incoming message alert


  • Track fishing boats and small commercial vessels with AIS class B type transceivers across the globe
  • Can send standard AIS message and exactTrax message
  • ONWO AIS can connect other sensors to the AIS module such as ultrasonic weather sensor and speed log, to send with exactTrax message
  • In order to use exactTrax, user must avail ExactEarth service

Air Track Recording

  • Ability to record tracks of AIS targets – auto and manual AIS saved tracks
  • Recorded tracks are useful when checking the records during an accident
  • Recorded AIS tracks can be reviewed and displayed in the plotter screen


Choice of transducers

Link to product

Link to product

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