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Onwa KP-39A (high sensitivity AIS)

Enhanced AIS version

This version KP39A has an enhanced AIS unit installed that has a more sensitive receiver.


3 in stock (can be backordered)

The difference between this model and the standard production KP39A:

Both versions have a Class B+ AIS with 5 watts transmit power, however the standard production model has a reception range of around 10 miles compared to this special version which can be double that distance. In terms of transmission distance there is no difference – both being in the region of 8 to 10 miles.

This version KP39A: – specially built for AVES Marine by Onwa, has the same AIS unit installed as in the more expensive KP708A which has a more sensitive AIS receiver unit. You can expect to approximately  double the reception range over the standard production line version KP39A. This is suitable for users who want to see vessels that are at a greater distance (20+ miles assuming a good aerial system). Whilst not necessary for collision awareness it is, nevertheless, interesting to have a broader picture of the AIS equipped vessels over a larger area. This version KP39A has a 2 year  warranty.

Standard production line version: – this is completely adequate as a collision warning AIS system and will meet the needs of most users. This version has an 18 month warranty and is on special offer at the moment at only £475.00 which is cheaper than it was in 2018. To go to this offer click the offer button below.


Optional Accessory

External GPS with 10 metres cable & adaptor BNC to SMA



Click on the image to open

KA-07 External GPS aerial with 10 metres cable




Glomex RA111AIS 162mHz aerial (specifically tuned to AIS frequencies. Stubby/flexible, comes with stainless mount for pole or surface fitting.



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3 in stock (can be backordered)