New Onwa KP39A 7″ With Class B+ AIS

Standard reception range version.

Class B+ 5 watt AIS  transmitter with extended 24 month warranty.




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Onwa KP39A 7 inch with Class B+ 5 watt AIS.

This is the standard production version KP39A. It has the new Class B+ AIS transmission system which transits at 5 watts (over twice the power of the old Class B system at just 2 watts). AIS reception and transmit  is a little shorter on this model then the more expensive Onwa plotters (at around 12 miles compared to 20+ on other models) but this isn’t really any matter as that is plenty to give adequate warning of another vessel on a possible collision course.

7 inch widescreen

IP65 water protection

Multi-functions: Chart screen (AIS is overlaid), Compass, AIS ‘Radar’, GPS, Highway, Cross Track, Satellite, Tidal curves, Celestial.

NMEA 0183 but can be NMEA2000 with Onwa N2K-0183 bi-directional converter

Comes with Onwa K-chart for UK and Ireland & can use Navionics+ or C-map Max.

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8 in stock