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Onwa Network Radar KRA-1007


Can be connected to KP-1299X or any version3 plotter by wi-fi or a network cable. When used with a version 3 Onwa 1299 series chart plotter, the plotter has all the control and software installed to control this Radome. Can also be sent to a PC/Tablet/iPad by wi-fi using Onwa free software – the PC/Tablet can then control the Radome either together with an Onwa plotter or separately with just the iPad, Tablet or PC.

Radar display can be overlaid onto the chart or viewed on a dedicated radar screen.





Additional information regarding Onwa Radar


Onwa Radar is manufactured with the Professional user in mind. Check the specification and you will see that it out-performs many radar sets produced for the leisure market. Of particular merit are the figures for beam width, think of beam-width as focus of the radar beam; something Onwa radars are particularly good at achieving. KR-1007 is just 4 degrees horizontal beam-width and 25 degrees vertical. The Open Arrays are even better, 120cm Open Array being just 1.9 degrees and the 180 cm Open Array an incredible 1.2 degrees.

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KR1007 Radome

Onwa KR-1007 34nm 4kW X-Band Radome. The Radome is quite large at 60 cm and this is because it is designed with the professional user in mind and has a large antenna within the dome  to achieve a horizontal beam-width of just 4 degrees – compare this to other make radar designed for the leisure industry. However at 60 cm it is possibly more suitable for a power vessel and may be too large and heavy to consider mounting on the mast of a sailor. For a sailing boat consider mounting on a 10 foot pole on a stern quarter.