Onwa Radar Package

Latest model X-band radar



This package includes:

Choice of latest 12 or 8 inch multi-function chart plotter + KR-1009 34 mile (4KW) pulse (X-band) radar as used by commercial vessels.

Onwa radar uses the commercial grade x-band technology that commercial vessels use – not Doppler technology most leisure radars are now using.

Radome is the latest model KR-1009 from Onwa

  • Variable speed antenna 24rpm to 48rpm (Short range 48rpm < 3 miles,  36rpm to 3 miles, 24rpm to 36 miles)
  • Horizontal beam width just 5 degrees
  • Vertical beam width 25 degrees
  • Weight 8.8 kilo
  • Size: 507 mm x  256mm

KM series Multifunction chart plotter with 8 or 12 inch daylight viewable screen and all the radar functionality built in – nothing else needed, simply connect the KR1009 via the supplied 15 metre network cable direct to the plotter’s OneNet network port. If using a wi-fi version Radome, then via a local router to the OneNet port of the plotter.

KM models available as:

  • KM8 or KM12, 12  8 and 12 inch multi-function chart plotter
  • KM8C or 12C, – 8 and 12 inch with built in up to 1 KWatt Sounder
  • KM8A and 12A, 8 and 12 inch with built in Class B+ AIS Transceiver
  • KM8X and KM12X, 8 and 12 inch with both built in Sounder and Class B+ AIS.         X version only, PRICE REDUCED FOR APRIL – save £100

Package includes:

  • Your AIS information programmed into the KM plotter
  • Free Onwa K-chart3.2 for UK included, most other areas available. Can also use C-map Max and Navionics+ charts.
  • 600 Watt plastic thru-hull transducer (can be in-hull mounted in GRP hulls). Transom version is also available at as an alternative
Upgrades available, specify with order:

Bronze transducer                         £43.00

1000 Watt bronze transducer    £358.00

HDMI video output                        £75.00

KRA-1009 Radome:

4 kWatt 36 nm x-band radar antenna with fully digital signal processing.

Please note: the KR-1009 comes with a 15 metre cable or with a built in wi-fi unit within the dome, however, a better method (our AVES opinion) if you intend installing wi-fi, is to use the supplied cable to a router close to the rest of the boat’s networked equipment for wi-fi distribution over your private network. By this method the slight possibility of wi-fi drop out if direct from the Radome is avoided.

Package includes 24 months UK based support and warranty.

In stock.




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