KP1299A 12.1″ Version 3 with Class B+ SO-TDMA AIS transceiver.888.43

Includes all features of KP-1299 series with added Class B+ SOTDMA AIS transceiver.

Upgradable features:

  • Sounder/Fishfinder
  • Radar

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KP-1299A with Class B_+ AIS transceiver

Class B+ Technology

  • SO-TDMA technology – same technology as used by class A with guaranteed time slot allocation
  • 5 W transmission power – twice the power of Class B
  • Range – can be seen as far as 10 – 12 nm (depends upon antenna system efficiency and height
  • Increased transmission rate (based on speed)

AIS Features

  • AIS targets overlaid onto chart
  • Transmits and receives AIS messages and data from your vessel to class A, class B, AIS base station, AIS bouy (AtoN), AIS SART and vice versa
  • Onwa Marine AIS encrypted technology
  • CPA and TCPA user settings for alarms
  • Pop up alarm box when AIS rescue alarm (AIS SART or AIS MOB) is received

AIS Tracking Functions

  • Clear overlay of AIS targets on the mapping system (plotter screen mode)
  • AIS target information is shown when the cursor is pointing at an AIS target
  • Optional selection of displaying the name of all AIS targets in real time

AIS Messaging

  • Can send and receive composed messages between ONWA AIS plotters
  • Messages can be broadcasted or can be sent to a specific MMSI no.
  • Message history and number of unread messages can be viewed when a contact is selected
  • Pop up box for incoming message alert


  • Track fishing boats and small commercial vessels with AIS class B type transceivers across the globe
  • Can send standard AIS message and exactTrax message
  • ONWO AIS can connect other sensors to the AIS module such as ultrasonic weather sensor and speed log, to send with exactTrax message
  • In order to use exactTrax, user must subscribe to ExactEarth service

Air Track Recording

  • Ability to record tracks of AIS targets – auto and manual AIS saved tracks
  • Recorded tracks are useful when checking the records during an accident
  • Recorded AIS tracks can be reviewed and displayed in the plotter screen

Optional Accessory

  • Glomex (stubby) RA111AIS aerial





3 in stock (can be backordered)