‘Puck’ Type GPS Aerial

A compact high gain (+28dBi) active GPS antenna/aerial with IP67 water protection for marine use.


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  • Measures just 38mm x 50mm x 17mm
  • Active device – needs 3 to 5 volts DC
  • IP67 water protection
  • 3 metres RG174 cable to SMA male
  • Directional high gain (28dBi) device
  • CE and FC approved

These small antennas really work well, provided that a satellite signal is present they will provide good reception of GPS signals. They are tuned to 1575.42MHz, the frequency of the GPS signal transmitted by satellites using the GPS system. They are a highly directional antenna with a gain of +28dBi. Very directional high gain antennas work well for satellite reception as the direction is always from one direction only – straight up. They are compact, being just 38 x 48 x 17mm and have 3 metres RG174 cable terminated to an SMA male connector to match the GPS connection on 7 inch range Onwa plotters and similar devices. Has a magnetic base so keep 1 metre from a steering compass. Will magnetically attach to the top right of an Onwa 7” case.

These small antennas give surprisingly good results even in a sheltered position – if the satellite signal is present then these antennas will work fine.

IP67 water protected and manufactured to conform to CE, FC and SGS requirements.

A commonly asked question we receive: Is it possible to extend the 3 metre cable?

Well, yes it is. As an experiment we added 5 metres of RG58 (which is not the best cable) to one of these little antennas and there was no apparent loss of signal at all.

You may need:

SMA to BNC adaptor, This will adapt the SMA connector on the PUK aerial to a BNC type suitable for products which have a BNC type GPS input connection. e.g. Onwa KP99 series plotters and also the KS200A black box transceiver has a BNC input for GPS.




54 in stock (can be backordered)

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