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Transducer 600 Watt Transom Mount (plastic)

600 watt duel frequency (50 and 200 kHz) Plastic Transom Mount transducer with temperature sensor.

With fitting kit.


600 Watt dual frequency transducer

Intended for thru-hull fitting but can be installed in-hull in most GRP hulls. Exception to this is if the hull construction is sandwich type or in a very early GRP hull that is incredibly thick.  Installation method can be as simple as sticking the transducer to the floor of the hull with a blob of silicon (NOT RECOMMENDED) or more correctly by installing the transducer inside a tube or container fixed to the hull floor and filled with a suitable liquid medium. The idea being to have nothing between the transducer head and the hull apart from a liquid that will allow the passage of the ultrasonic signal without any attenuation or disturbance.

This transducer is best for: Metal and GRP hulls.

Not good for:  DO NOT install in a wooden hull. Installed internally the ultrasonic signal may not penetrate the wooden hull. Installed thru-hull , swelling of the wood may cause damage to the transducer.