New for 2024 – 5 and 7 inch multi function chart plotters.

New for 2024

Introducing the latest models from Onwa Marine Electronics.

KP25 (5″) and KP27 (7″) series chart plotters.

A totally new model range from the Onwa design team who were set the task of producing a new model that will meet the needs of canny leisure users with an eye for quality, reliability and a bargain. Their brief was to produce a chart plotter that features the latest technology, be ultra reliable and represent great value for money

 Here’s what they achieved:

  • NMEA2000 data interface is now standard on this new model range but keeping 0183 to be compatible with other 0183 equipment. Mixing and conversion takes place in the plotter so that 0183 and 2000 from both formats is able to be sent to other compatible equipment
  • New high-speed processor
  • New brighter LCD screen for sunny days, 1000 Nit brightness
  • IP66 water protection for exposure to spray and rain
  • Choice of 5-inch and 7-inch screen
  • Can use C-Map, Navionics+ and Onwa charts
  • Choice of model versions, from a multi-functional chart plotter only to ones having high power Class B+ AIS and Sonar     

The model range:

Two versions KP25 (5 inch) and KP27 (7 inch) both identical apart from screen size.

KP25A and KP27A   A version, same as the basic plotter, with the addition of a Class B+ SOTDMA 5-Watt AIS transceiver (EU and UK certified)

KP27F and KP27F    F version, same as the basic plotter, with the addition of a 600-Watt Fish-Finder/Sounder

KP25X and KP27X   X version has both AIS transceiver and Sonar built in

AVES Marine will add to this a promise of giving you the best advice that we can before you buy and, should you do so, the best after sales support service. We don’t do waits on the phone to speak to us whilst being told how important your call is. When you call AVES Marine, you get to speak to someone who knows a lot about the products and if you catch us out with a question, we will get an answer from our colleagues at Onwa and call you back.

We were the first to import Onwa products into the United Kingdom in April 2014 and have been doing so ever since. Over the past ten years we have developed a partner-like relationship with the manufacturer and acquired a wide experience and knowledge of the products and you are unlikely to find any other company in the UK with a wider knowledge. Our philosophy at AVES Marine is to treat our customers as we would like to be treated.

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