Downloads (charts and firmware)

 This is where we keep our download links for K-charts, Firmware, software etc. The links will take you to our server on Dropbox where we store all large files. Dropbox is a cloud system that provides server storage for companies to store large files. Small files can be sent via an attachment to an email message but large files (typically greater than 10 meg) cannot be sent this way so we upload our large files to the Dropbox cloud and by following the link that Dropbox gives to us for each file that we save on their server you are able to download the file from Dropbox. This service is completely free to you. Download speed will depend upon your own internet speed.

What you will able to download from this site:

Firmware upgrades

K-chart3.2 downloads

K-chart 2 downloads

Other software for Onwa products                                 under construction

Tips and general stuff about using Onwa products    under construction

Apart from providing links to download the files we also provide explanation, guidance, and tips that we feel may help you to complete the download process and also, where a software application may not be completely straightforward to use, some guidance through the process. If you are downloading files and software and you feel that an explanation is needed where it isn’t provided or that our explanation could be improved please message me, Alan Vick, either by way of a message on this website or by email to ‘Tips and other general stuff’ is something we will be developing so if you have any questions regarding using an Onwa product please let me know so that this can be included.

Downloading and installing the files.

Click the link button. You will be presented with a .tuf file (for firmware and charts). Download the file. In your downloads list see the file (note that you cannot open .tuf files as Window will not recognise them). Copy the file and save to an SD card, up to 16gb is OK.  When saved, place into your plotters card reader. Power on the plotter and the update will be recognised before the plotter boots. Accept the upgrade and the file will load into your plotter. When completed switch off and remove the SD card.

FIRMWARE: this edition of firmware was released in December 2022

K-combo later G versions – check the serial no. of your ONWA KCombo-7, if after the model number, there is a letter G, then it is a G hardware Version. G versions have different sounder hardware. Be careful that you use the right K-combo version

Click a button to download firmware:

K7A G version


As KP series models have been in production for many years it is necessary to identify the version that you have:

Mk1 in production until 2018 – Mk1 can be identified by looking at the available chart choice options in the menu. Mk1 can use only C-Map and K-chart2.

Mk2 version, 2018-2020, Mk2 can be identified by looking at the available chart choice options in the menu. Mk2 can also use Navionics and K-chart3, no USB socket on back.

MK3 and Mk4 in production since 2020. Can be identified by having a USB socket on the back. No USB means that the 8299 or 1299 is either a Mk2 or even a Mk1 version.

If you are unsure – please call AVES Marine Support on 01357 680054 or, if outside UK,  44 1357 680054

UPDATES: click a button: 

MK1 – there are no updates for Mk1  

Mk2 All version             Mk3 & Mk4All versions              

Some versions of Mk3 and Mk4 KP1299 (all variants) may not accept an update to current firmware. If your 1299 Mk3 or 4 will not respond to the new firmware a small file is needed to be loaded into the plotter first before loading firmware. 

Mk3 & 4 Not updating


Procedure: Download the  small file to an SD card, put the SD card into the plotters’ card reader and start the plotter. File will be loaded. Proceed then with the actual firmware upgrade.

K-chart downloads.

K-charts were introduced in 2018 as K-chart3.1 built in charts to replace K-chart2. The K3.1 charts are generally better for most areas than K-chart2. Unfortunately the size and complexity of the K-chart3.1 produced quite serious lag when used in 7 inch models. Kp38 and 39 particularly were slowed to the point where the plotters were difficult to use. K-combo and Kp708 versions with their better hardware were usable and KP1299 models with their very superior hardware and memory were OK. In 2022 there was an improvement in the design of the K-chart to version 3.2. This was in the form of a ‘tweak’ to the charts which improved the lag across the whole model range although for KP38 and KP39, whilst improved, it is still noticeable.

To activate K-chart3.2 requires a menu change – change map choice to K-shart3. If you have been using an SD card version of K-chart2 then you also must change map source to built in.

Here are the links for K-chart3.2: note that the area images covered by each chart is for version 3.1 and may be slightly smaller since the 3.2 change


Kchart version 3   Click a button to download the K3.2 chart

UK & Ireland


UK chart version 3
UK & Ireland

France 3.2 coverage

France coverage

Denmark coverage

Denmark coverage



Finland coverage

Finland coverage



Iceland coverage

Iceland coverage





Norway coverage

Norway coverage



Sweden coverage
Sweden coverage

West Med'


West Med' coverage
West Med’ coverage

East Med'


East Med' coverage
East Med’ coverage



Turkey coverage
Turkey coverage

Rest of the world









South America


South America










SE Asia


South East Asia



Same procedure for downloading and saving to an SD card as for K-chart3.2 

North Europe coverage


          NNE2          ENE2          FIN2          DNK2

Western Europe



Southern Europe





East Mediterranean2.




Persian Gulf MIE2

Red Sea




Americas coverage


East Canada ECAN2.

West Canada WCAN2.


West USA


South America coverage

East South America
East S America

West South America


other downloads.

200A and 200AS programming software           PDF showing AIS set-up

How to program the 200A and 200AS, note that this procedure requires a serial to USB dongle that works – many don’t and the process will fail. This is why AVES Marine provides a free programming service to anyone who buys from us. We have serial dongles that work if you want to program your 200A/AS 

AVES 200A/ASProgramming tool 


KDX file conversion

KDX_201006 – Google Drive

Page still under construction  – more to follow.

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