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At Aves Marine, we specialise in stocking the best marine electronics and boat navigation products available, ensuring you are well equipped with high-quality gear for your vessel.

Our selection of marine products include vital marine electronics to help your boat function safely and effectively, and core accessories to complement your boat navigation equipment.

As part of our marine electronics range, we offer black boxes to help keep yourself and other AIS vessels safe in the waters, marine autopilots to keep you on course, and sonar transducers to compliment your chartplotter. Our products cater for leisure, professional or specialist applications.

Other accessories in our range include practical components, such as plastic and stainless steel device mounts, as well as data cables and adaptors to keep your equipment properly connected.

Beyond this product selection, and as an authorised ONWA distributor, we also supply a range of specialist chartplotters with AIS, non AIS, and with fish finders that ensure your vessel is fully prepared out at sea.

Need More Info or Additional Support?

Looking for something else? If you need more information on our boat navigation products and accessories or require assistance when it comes to selecting the right marine electronics for your vessel, the AVES Marine team are on hand as your experts on all things ONWA.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to a member of our friendly team to see how we can help, today!

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