KW-360 Mini Ultrasonic Anemometer – no moving parts

Say goodbye to a lethargic or seized anemometer – the inevitable probable failure of the wind vane that spins constantly for year after year until the bearing fails and it slows and stops. It only needs a quick look around any marina to see many yachts with a stationary or slow wind vane. This device can also keep you informed regarding humidity, temperature and all importantly, barometric pressure.


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This Ultrasonic Anemometer has no moving mechanical parts so no bearings to seize. It works by simultaneously measuring the 2-dimensional horizontal components of the wind speed and direction based on principle of TOF (time of flight) of ultrasonic sound wave.

The anemometer is made in moulded thermoplastic (ASA) which has high outdoor weather ability. ASA is extremely resistant against UV radiation and is frost and heat resistant. The product is widely used in the automotive industry as well as several other outdoor applications.

  • Drawing just 20 m/a from your battery (about 0.2 Watts)
  • No moving or wearing parts
  • Anti-corrosion
  • No inertia problem
  • Sensitive and prompt response
  • Easy installation
  • No need to re-calibrate
  • No dead band 0-359°
  • Communicate with other NMEA0183 equipment via RS232 or RS485 protocols

How it works:

Measure the transmission time of ultrasonic sensors from sensor N to sensor S, and compare it with the transmission time of sensor S to sensor N. Similarly, compare the time of W to E and E to W time. (N = north, S = south, E = east, W = west). For example, if the wind blew from the north, time of ultrasonic from N to S will be shorter than from S to N, and transmission time of it from W to E and E to W is the same. Through calculating the time difference of ultrasonic transmission between two points, the wind speed and direction can be calculated. This calculation method has nothing to do with other factors such as temperature.













For professional users there is a professional version which has additional features including weather monitoring software and weather alarms.



KW-360 professional version £576.00

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1 in stock (can be backordered)

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