Shakespeare AIS Aerial / Antenna

Shakespeare 5215  36″ (923mm) AIS  stainless steel whip aerial/antenna manufactured in the USA.

Tuned specifically to the two AIS channels 87B (161.975MHz) & 88B (162.025MHz)

Ideal for Mast mounting

Omni-directional 3dB gain.   3dB = excellent for 360 degree reception where transmission can come from any direction. Higher gain aerials are intended for pointing at a known transmitter position and if that is known then they are the preferred choice. At sea this is never the case as other vessels will be anywhere within 360 degrees so a low gain aerial is essential. Low gain is anything from 1 to 3 with 3 dB being the norm.  


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Shakespeare AIS aerial/antenna

Best choice for mast mounting. Can be mounted low down but beware that a metre long whip aerial can be vulnerable to damage by crew movement and when deploying ropes. For installation at low level consider our Glomex RA111AIS flexible, stubby aerial. We have sold in excess of 300 of these and heard of only one having suffered damage as a result of a crew member falling heavily across the Glomex. Click on a button below:

GlomexRA111AIS       GlomexWith cable

Shakespeare AIS aerial/Antenna, with industry standard SO239 RF socket

Connection is to an industry standard SO239 R.F socket and fitting by way of an L type bracket.

We can supply these aerials with or without cable. If cable is supplied it can be to your specified length with either one PL259 end connector fitted or with both ends fitted. Having one end without a connector makes it easier to install though a deck fitting or bulkhead. Without an end fitted requires a 7mm hole for the cable but with the connector on the cable an 18mm hole is needed. The unfitted cable end will be prepared for fitting using a professional co-axial cable cutter so that both the centre conductor and the braid are exactly the right dimensions to fit our high quality PL259 plugs with gold plated centre pin. Simply screw on the PL259 until it is tight and the centre conductor can be seen in the centre tip, then solder the centre tip (we include some low melting point solder in the kit).

Call us on 01357 680054 if you need cable.



6 in stock (can be backordered)

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