KEC-30G Electronic compass with KA-GC9A Heading Sensor



Onwa Electronic compass with 9 axis Heading Sensor and tilt mount. 



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The 9 axis Heading Sensor looks like a conventional GPS but the similarity ends there. Inside its IP67 case there is a very sophisticate device that can calculate SOG, COG, position and heading, pitch, roll and yaw and it does all of these rather well. From switch on, it gets a heading in just a few seconds. Coupled to the electronic compass an accurate course heading is shown at all times.


GC-9A Heading Sensor





  1. Low cost solution, High Accuracy Digital Compass
  2. KEC30G(MK2) also provides GPS information, Long/Lat, SOG and COG
  3. Used with High Accuracy Onwa Marine Heading Sensor KA-GC9A, KA-GC05 or Hemisphere GPS Compass(V102 or V104s) GC0A is supplied as standard
  4. Can Correct Magnetic Deviation Manually or Automatically
  5. Selectable output baud rate and intervals for heading information (HDT, HDM or HDG)
  6. Output of GPS and heading signal can be interfaced with other equipment on board.
  7. Waterproof and robust heading sensor suitable for outdoor marine condition.



2 x NMEA0183
a) Input sentences : GGA, GLL, GMS, GNS, GSA, GSV, RMC, VTG, HDT
b) Baudrate : auto scan up to 38400
c) Support heading/GPS sensor : KA-GC05, KA-GC9A and Hemisphere GPS Compass (V102 and V104s)


2 x NMEA0183
Port 1 and Port 2(RS232) : Also available as an RS422 version
a) Output sentences : HDT, HDM and HDG (selectable) and RMC, GSA, GGA, VTG, ZDA (Fixed)
b) Heading Output interval selections : 25ms, 100ms, 200ms (default) and 1,000ms
c) Output baudrate selections : 4800 (default), 9600, 19200 and 38400 (selectable)

Heading Sensor

  • Low-cost solution for Heading Data
  • Enhanced Performance
  • User-Programmable
  • Customizable GPS Output Sentences and Baudrate
  • Better Stability of Heading output
  • Real-time response Rate
  • NMEA0183 Interface
  • High-grade waterproof housing
  • Longevity of usage in Marine Environment
  • 9-Axis(Features a GPS/Glonass receiver coupled with a 9-axis AHRS unit providing 3D orientation by integrating gyroscopes and data fusing with accelerometers and magnetometers)



Adjustable surface or rail mount for Heading Sensor. (specify which version you need with your order).

Highly polished stainless versions also available at additional cost.



24 month UK based warranty + lifetime technical support on all Onwa products



1 in stock (can be backordered)

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