Adaptor BNC to SMA

Adaptor to convert BNC  (male ) to SMABNC (male)

Uses include: adapting a conventional ‘mushroom’ type GPS aerial to fit the SMA aerial socket used on 5 and  7 inch Onwa plotters.





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The traditional ‘mushroom’ shaped GPS aerials use a connector known as a BNC which is a push and twist device (there is a similar TNC which is a screw on connector but is quite rare and mainly found on Furuno GPS aerials).



The Onwa 5 and 7 inch plotters have a small connector known as an SMA connector which matches the SMA plug on the new Puck type GPS aerials

SMA GPS socket as used on 5 and 7 inch Onwa plotters


Puck type GPS








To use a conventional GPS aerial on a plotter that has an SMA connector requires an adaptor



This adaptor will convert the BNC connector to an SMA



47 in stock (can be backordered)

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