New Professional Product


New Professional Product for the Fishing Industry

Two versions available:

KFish12-S1 1KW –  50KHz or 200KHz versions (includes 1KW Transducer with Fairing Block)

KFish12-S2 2KW – 50KHz or 200KHz versions (includes 2KW Transducer with Fairing Block)

1KW or 2KW transducer

Seabed Hardness

Auto Range & Gain

Time variable Gain

Optional HDMI

Optional USB and Ethernet ports

NMEA2000 and NMEA0183 data

50 KHz and 200 KHz Display Modes  (no dual frequency display mode)

Can distinguish different strengths of echoes by colours,

Calculates and displays the size of fish

Sonar Sound – sounds when a fish or object is seen beneath the boat

Please note that this product is ordered as needed – delivery time around ten days. Please call or message to make an enquiry or place an order.

S1 1KW version £1482 + VAT includes 1 KW 50KHz or 200Khz transducer with Fairing Block

S2 2KW version £1608 + VAT includes 2KW 50KHz or 200Khz transducer with Fairing Block

Warranty (implemented in the UK) is 2 years parts/labour.



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