Onwa KA-07 external GPS aerial


A highly sensitive external GPS aerial that comes with 10 metres of cable terminated with a BNC male connection.  Supplied with a surface mount base.




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If reliable GPS is your requirement – even under heavy cloud cover, then an external GPS aerial is advisable. Particularly this is true for AIS equipped boats as loss of or intermittent GPS signal will prevent the collision computer in your AIS receiver from calculating collision alarms reliably. Without a rock-solid GPS signal the plotter cannot calculate where your boat is relative to another that might be on a collision course and other vessels will see only your last GPS fixed transmission. This is particularly important as if your GPS fails and your last fixed position is 1 mile away, another vessel will rightly assume that you are in fact 1 mile away and clear to pass.

Mounting for the KA-07 is the standard 1 inch 14 threads used by almost all manufacturers of GPS aerials and mounts. The aerial will come with a standard plastic surface mount base which can be upgraded to any of the bases shown in the galley images above.

The KA-07 has a BNC male type connector, 7 inch Onwa plotters use an SMA connectors for the GPS aerial and if you should need an adaptor for your Onwa plotter please message us and a free adaptor BNC to SMA will be supplied with your order.


BNC to SMA adaptor free on request with your order


Available alternate bases:

Basic plastic mount

























Plastic Rail Mount

Stainless polished rail mount












9 in stock (can be backordered)

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