KP8299 . 8299A . 8299C Products no longer manufactured – we have a better option

If looking for a KP8299 plotter, we suggest that you look at KM8 inch range which has replaced the KP8299 series 8 inch models.

The KP8299 series plotters are no longer manufactured although Onwa still has old stock and some sellers still sell them.
We chose to cease stocking this model on the introduction of the new KM models in 2022 because the KM8 series is a better product.



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Although the KP8299 range can still be found on line they are no longer being manufactured although some sellers still have old stock. The introduction of the new KM 8 inch range has pretty much killed off this once popular model. It isn’t surprising this has happened as there is a very considerable leap in terms of what the KM models offer and yet we have managed to keep our prices as competitive as possible so that the price difference is not that great. For example, looking at a competitors website which still offers the old KP8299A for sale, our New KM8A including VAT is just £58.20 more expensive than his KP8299A. What do you get that’s new from a KM8A versus KP8299A? Well, things like:

  • Improved hardware which is both faster and slicker
  • Brighter screen with optically bonded front glass
  • Higher screen resolution (1027 x 768)
  • NMEA2000 data but also retaining NMEA0183 for compatibility with 0183 equipment.
  • The latest superfast high bandwidth  NMEA OneNet IP based data system.
  • Split screen function  – up to four separate screens can be shown as one
  • Plug in Onwa radar that can be added at any time in the future. KM models have all the electronics built in to control the radar – even has radar chart overlay feature.
  • Can accept and mix any combination of NMEA 0183, 2000 and OneNet data
  • HDMI option – HDMI video for remote and large screen monitors
  • When one KM (Master) is used with a second KM (Slave) via OneNet, either can independently show any screen data that the other is receiving from any data source (NMEA0183, NMEA2000 and OneNet). Perfect for Flybridge and lower deck operation and control at the same time.

More information on KM8 models here

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              KM DemonstrationKM12x and KM8x functions



Out of stock

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