Onwa products – an introduction

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AVES Marine Ltd
by Alan Vick

Onwa GPS chart plotters:

There are four version sizes available, 5 inch, 7 inch , 8 inch and top of the range 12 inch models.

Each version in the range is available with or without a Class B+ AIS transceiver. In addition, apart from the KP38 and KP39 models, for each product range a dual frequency fish finder/sounder version is also available. There are also models that have all of these attributes, plotter, AIS and sounder all in one unit. The top of the range latest version3 12″ models can even control an Onwa Radar either by cable or wi-fi, and display the radar trace either on a radar dedicated screen or overlay the trace onto the chart screen.


Onwa’s AIS systems use Class B+ SOTDMA AIS which is the very latest version of AIS for vessels under 300 gross tons that do not carry passengers. Class B+ has considerable benefits over the older class B system in terms of transmission power and access to the AIS channels for transmission.

All Onwa AIS equipped plotters built for use in the UK and EU have been tested by an EU approved test house to be compliant to The Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU (RED) certification is available on request. All AIS devices used in UK and EU waters must be compliant to this standard.


Fish Finders & sounders:


From Chart Plotters with built in Fish Finder to Semi-professional Sounders and to the Onwa Profession Range intended for the professional marine industry.

Chart plotter Combi available in 7, 8 and 12 inch sizes.  For the serious fisherman there is a 7 inch dedicated fish finder only model which uses sounder technology found in profession sounders. This model should be viewed as a semi-professional item. For the professional fishing boat there is a 10 inch  instrument with a choice of 1 and 2 kW transducers.


Marine Radar


Onwa radar is manufactured with the professional user in mind. The specification is impressive with horizontal beam-widths from just 4 degrees on the Radome versions to as little as 1.2 degrees on the 180cm open array.  The KR-1007 Radome can communicate with its controller display either by way of a cable of by wi-fi. and, using wi-fi, an iPad, PC or tablet can become the main or additional controller using Onwa free software. Recently, the introduction of a new version of the tried and trusted 1299 series plotters, the Version 3 model, has seen an increased interest in the Onwa KR-1007. The Radome simply plugs straight into the new Version plotters which will show the radar trace either as a conventional radar screen overlaid straight onto the chart.

For the professional users Onwa produce radar sets from 12 inch to the top of the range 19 inch. We don’t keep Onwa radar in stock, preferring to order in as and when needed rather than send out a radar set that has been in our stock for some time. Delivery on radar is usually around two weeks although it  can often be sooner. The warranty on Radar is two years but can be extended for a fee.

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