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Here at Aves Marine we can supply any Onwa spare part that is still in production.

As Onwa equipment rarely needs a repair we haven’t previously given any real thought to holding spare parts that we are unlikely to ever use. However, from our rare warranty returns we acknowledge that even a superbly reliable product may need the availability of parts from time to time. Mostly, when we receive a spare part enquiry, it will be for a second base mount for a plotter together with an additional power data cable so that a plotter can be used in two places, although not at the same time obviously! Typically a customer might want to have the plotter at the helm most of the time but still have the ability to take it below to use at the chart table. This has become popular ever since Onwa introduced their easy on/off base mounts for their 7 inch models that can be clipped on and off the base in one easy action.  One of our customers welcomed the ease that the plotter can be removed and re-fitted when his older model 7A plotter was stolen and his replacement sported the new type base enabling easy removal and stowage below or taken home preventing a repeat of the crime.

Very occasionally we are asked for a case part where a plotter has taken a tumble and the case has been damaged. The plotters are very robust – particularly the Mk2 99 series that had an aluminium case, but none were designed to be bounced off a deck and, as accidents do happen, we keep a range of front and rear cases in stock. Replacing a rear case is fairly straight forward and well within the ability of most but, of course, great care is needed in any of these processes from the removal of the first screw to finally refitting it. A front case is a little more challenging and removal of the main PCb and front control board is necessar and assuch we don’t advise this as a DIY repair and ideally, if you should have a ‘little accident’, you should send your plotter to us and we will do the job for you – our charges are very reasonable. Best option will be to talk to Alan as he knows all the ins and outs of most jobs on Onwa products.

GPS units: some 7 inch AIS models produced in 2019/2020 were susceptible to electrical interference generated on the customer’s boat or by something in the immediate vicinity and have occasionally played up causing the GPS to lock up. Whilst a temporary fix is to completely remove the DC supply to reboot the plotter  (switching off with the plotter power button doesn’t do it as the GPS module remains on) a permanent fix requires a new version GPS/AIS module. We do keep these in stock, if you think that you might need one of these please call or email or send an enquiry form from this web-site.

Beside actual spare parts we keep a range of items that we find we need in association with our chart plotters – things like adaptors for different GPS aerials being just one example. Another will be base mounts for GPS aerials, we have always packed a free basic surface mount base with every KA-07 GPS aerial that we sell as they don’t come with any sort of mount. Whilst the basic plastic mount works fine, something slightly to very much more more ‘snazzy’ is often more suitable fitting for a much loved boat and for this we keep a range of ratchet type mounts in both plastic and mirror finish stainless steel. A ratchet mount enables the aerial to be mounted on any surface, vertical or horizontal – even a sloping one.



BNC to SMA adaptor, use to attach a conventional GPS to a 7″ Onwa plotter




Mirror finished stainless go to productRatchet mount


Stainless GPS mount – Aves Marine





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