Onwa Network Radar KRA-1009

Can be connected to any Onwa 1299 or KM series plotter by a network cable, the plotter has all the control and software installed to control the Radome. Can also be sent to a PC/Tablet/iPad by wi-fi using Onwa free software – the PC/Tablet can then control the Radome either together with an Onwa plotter or separately with just the iPad, Tablet or PC.

Radar display can be overlaid onto the chart or viewed on a dedicated radar screen.



Designed for use with KP and KM Onwa chart plotters

This is the latest Radome product from Onwa Marine. Smaller (50cm) and lighter (8.8K) than the KRA-1007 yet returning a similar performance. This is particularly suitable for a smaller vessel and for mast mounting on yachts. An innovation on this model is a variable speed antenna having a fast 48 rpm rotation for improved image at very close up range and a slower (36rpm and 24rpm) for medium and long distance ranges. Onwa have been reluctant to offer a smaller Radome until now as a smaller antenna length inevitably results in a larger horizontal beam width (focus) but the KRA-1009 achieves a very good 5 degrees – better than most similar sized domes produced for the leisure and small commercial market.


KRA-1009 can be ordered with a 15 metre cable (longer is possible) or with a built in wi-fi transmitter.

If using as a cable connection to a KP1299 or KM8 or KM12 plotter then connection is simplicity itself by using the network cable from the Radome directly into the plotter’s OneNet network port (via a USB adaptor for KP1299 series), KM models are a direct network connection. Using wi-fi, a router is needed at the plotter end to convert the wi-fi to OneNet.

Radar products are not usually kept in stock but can be supplied in around ten days, This ensures that you will always get a radar that is fresh from the factory.










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